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Y-Branch Type Polymer Optical Waveguide Device with Large-Core Size: Fabrication and Characterization
H. Mizuno, O. Sugihara, T. Kaino, N. Okamoto and M. Ohama

Y-branch type polymer optical waveguide (POW) devices with large-core size connectable to plastic optical fibers are proposed. The Y-branch optical waveguide structures with large-core size of 1000m, branching angle from 2° to 10° and branching toppart-radius of 200 m were fabricated by hot embossing. Original masters with rectangular ridge cross-section shape for hot embossing were fabricated by photolithography. PMMA replicas that act as undercladdings for optical waveguides were fabricated through three replication processes from the original masters. The shape of the original masters was precisely transferred to PMMA in every sample. Y-branch POWs were realized simply, and output power ratio of 1:1 was realized.

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