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Recent Progress in Erbium(III)-Cored Complexe Based on Dendritic Ligands for Information Technology: Synthesis and Photophysical Criteria for Lanthanide Emission Enhancement
Yong Hee Kim, Nam Seob Baek, Jae Buem Oh, Min Kook Nah, Soo Gyun Roh, Bong Kyu Kwak, Min Soo Kang and Hwan Kyu Kim

We present that the stable and inert Er(III)-encapsulated complexes based on anthracene and Pt-porphyrin dendritic ligands exhibit much stronger near IR emission band of the 4f –4f electronic transition at 1530 nm. The emission intensity of the lanthanide complexes was dramatically enhanced by introducing a second generation Frechet aryl-ether dendron (G2), mainly due to the site-isolation effect. Surprisingly, our photophysical studies suggest that energy transfer pathway does not influence the lanthanide emission enhancement. But, a higher spectral overlap integral value and a higher luminescence quantum efficiency of the luminescent ligand in Er(III)-encapsulated dendrimer complexes are critical factors for lanthanide emission enhancement.

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