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Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of a New Guest Host System
Ileana Rau, Pawel Armatys, Pierre-Alain Chollet, Francois Kajzar, Chantal Andraud and Yann Bretonniere

Linear and nonlinear optical properties of a guest host system consisting of one chromophore (Lemke’s dye) embedded in poly(bisphenol Acarbonate) matrix were studied as function of its concentration. The polymer system forms a good optical quality, regular and slightly birefringent thin fims. The dispersions of refractive indices were determined by the m-lines technique. The ordinary refractive indices were derived also from the Fabry-Perot interference patterns and were in good agreement with the m-lines data. The active NLO chromophores were oriented by the corona poling technique and the quadratic NLO-susceptibilities were measured by the optical second harmonic generation technique. It was found that, most likely due to the chromophore aggregation, the NLO-susceptibilities don’t follow the expected linear dependence on chromophore concentration for its amount higher that 5 w%.

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