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Pulsed-Laser Grating Recording in Organic Materials Containig Azobenzene Derivative
A. Miniewicz, B. Sahraoui, E. Schab-Balcerzak, A. Sobolewska, A. C. Mitus and F. Kajzar

The inscription of surface relief gratings (SRGs) and polarization gratings on azo-polymers utilizing an interference of two-laser beams delivered by 16ps pulsed Nd:YAG laser was investigated. Short light pulses of 532 nm wavelength induced trans cis photoizomerization cycles of azo-dye covalently attached to the polymer main chains resulting in formation of bulk refractive index, SRGs and/or absorption gratings depending on mutual polarization of the interfering photons pp or sp and experimental conditions. The dynamics of grating inscription at 532 nm with 10 Hz pulse repetition rate was probed via diffraction of non-absorbed 632.8 nm light. The short time (<ns) response and long time response (>seconds) were clearly identified. With the help of Atomic Force Microscope we investigated the surface profiles obtained at various pulse energies.

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