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Temperature Dependence of Nonlinear Kerr Constants for Aqueous Bio-Macromolecular Solutions
M. Farhoud and Attieh A. Al-Ghamdi

The first systematic measurements of the temperature dependence of induced birefringence of aqueous bio-molecular solutions from L-Glutathione and Bovine-Serum Albumine in the temperature range 288k° to 343k° are reported. Kerr constants, optical polarizability, effective optical anisotropy, molecular optical anisotropy, angular correlations for anisotropically polarized molecules and optical anisotropy for a wide range of temperature among the bio-molecular normal temperature have been calculated. Scattering coefficients, molar electronic polarizability, contraction coefficient and optical polarizability were also calculated. This study is executed to show the effect of temperature variation on the selected bio-macromolecules.

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