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Elaboration of Optical Integrated Devices by Multiphoton Polymerization Processes in Doped Photopolymers
Stephane Klein, Kokou Dorkenoo, Albero Barsella, Jean-Pierre Vola, Daniel Acker, Jeannot Stoll and Alain Fort

We take advantage of the high 3D spatial selectivity of photo-polymerization through a two-photon absorption (TPA) technique inorder to microstructure functionalized polymeric resins to fabricate components for integrated optical circuits. As example of applications, we have first inscribed Bragg gratings for the creation of permanent distributed feedback dye lasers. Then, we have fabricated optical waveguides and circuits connecting optical fibers separated by millimetric distances and placed in arbitrary positions. These basic optical elements can be used as building blocks for the fabrication of more complex integrated micro-optical circuits or active devices such as electro-optical modulators, for example by incorporation of nonlinear optical chromophores in the arms of a Mach-Zehnder structure.

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