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Dependence of Luminescence Properties on Preparation Conditions of Epoxy Resin Modified by Carbazole Derivative
Ewa Mandowska, Arkadiusz Mandowski, Jozefswia. Rek, Wojciech Mazela, Piotr. Czub and Jan Pielichowski

A new material-epoxy resin (R) with added glycydyl derivative -9-(2, 3-epoxypropyl)carbazole (EPK) was studied. Rx EPK (x- wt. of EPK) emits light in the range from 330 nm to 470 nm. To obtain the best luminescence properties we analyzed the influence of various factors including different solvents used during preparation, different concentration of carbazole group and curing agent. The dependence of the absorption and photoluminescence (PL) spectra of Rx EPK on these factors was determined. The best PL efficiency was obtained for x = 5% in fully cross-linked polymer.

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