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Organic Solar Cells Based On A New Hybrid Polymer-Small Molecules Active Layer
Benoit Brousse, Bernard Ratier and Andre Moliton

This paper demonstrates the feasibility of a new design of p-n heterojunction organic solar cell, where a n type polymer layer obtained by vapor deposition polymerization (VDP) is attempted to act as well as a part of the photoactive layer (acceptor layer) as an encapsulating layer of the p type small molecule layer (donor layer) of the device. Solar cells obtained by this way could provide a better stability in open air conditions due to the good mechanical and encapsulating properties of the polyimide polymer. The scope of the paper is to show that this polymer layer can act as the acceptor layer of a p-n heterojunction organic solar cell. The encapsulating properties of this polymer will be exposed in a further communication. Photovoltaic characterizations, I(V) curves under dark and AM1.5 illumination and spectral photocurrent response, were taken. They show the contribution of the polymer layer to the photovoltaic process, acting as the acceptor layer of the p-n heterojunction solar cell.

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