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Software for Automatic Optimization of the Electromagnetic Field in Organic Solar Cells
Florent Monestier, Philippe Torchio and Jean-Jacques Simon

Results obtained by using a software for automatic optimization of the electromagnetic field in organic solar cells are presented. This numerical tool may be useful for any organic device having a multilayer thin-film structure. Interference effects are taken into account inside the whole structure. The software allows calculation of the distribution of the electromagnetic field with respect to the depth. It gives routines for one-run determination of the optimal thicknesses of each layer with the view to maximize and balance the square modulus of the normalized electromagnetic field in photoactive areas. The method principles are presented and some examples are given. A global optimization, under incident solar illumination in the wavelength range 300–800 nm is demonstrated for organic solar cells composed of the DiO-PFDTBT/C60 bilayer junction. It is also shown that this numerical method can also be applied to find the optimal design of photovoltaic devices such as multi-junction cell or tandem cell.

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