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Non-Linear Optical Properties of Polymer Systems with Poled Indandione Derivatives as Chromophores
Martins Rutkis, Aivars Vembris, Vismants Zauls, Andrej Tokmakov and Eglis Fonavs

A novel class of molecules for production of advanced materials for photonic applications with considerable NLO efficiency based on polar indandione derivatives as a chromophores have been presented. Several types of non-centro-symmetrical materials–LB films, poled polymers films where indandion derivatives are attached to polymer backbone or mixed with polymer as host–guest system was produced. The non-linear optical efficiency of corona poled host-guest system of the DMABI in the polymer sPMMA matrix is comparable with the best organic materials of that class Capability to manipulate these systems by light may arouse interest in non-linear optics and photonics technology. The effect of spatial SHG hole burning is proposed as mechanism for information storage, capability to perform “write” and “read” operations have been demonstrated.

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