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Photochromic Properties of the Polymer Films Containing Single and Dual Chromophore System
Stanislaw Kucharski, Ewekina Ortyl and Ryszard Janik

Polymer films containing a diazo sulfonamide type chromophore, chemically bonded to polymethacrylate copolymer side chains, and spiropyrane were used to form thin film on glass subphase. Photochromic properties of the films containing single and dual chromophore system were investigated by illumination with UV and visible light. It was found that the dual system can be complementary and the two dyes can show a kind of synergy under influence of light. This fact was confirmed by measurement of spectral film properties and by diffraction grating formation in two beam coupling arrangement. The study was accompanied by quantum chemical calculation of spectral and nonlinear optical properties of spiropyrane and merocyanine forms.

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