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Synthesis And Optical Properties Of Two-Photon Polymerization Sensitizers Based On Ethynylenephenylene Derivatives
Seung-Wan Kang, Ran Hee Kim, Joo Yeon Kim, Yoichiro Iwase, Kenji Kamada and Kwang-Sup Lee

The efficient two-photon absorbing ethynylenephenylene (EPS) derivatives symmetrically coupled with carbazoles (Cz-EPS-Cz) or triphenylamines (TP-EPS-TP) at both ends of molecules were synthesized. TPA cross-sections of the resulting chromophores measured by femtosecond open aperture Z-scan method were found to be 1070 GM at 675 nm for Cz-EPS-Cz and 1260 GM at 700nm for TP-EPS-TP, respectively. By using these TPA chromophores as a photosensitizer, we have successfully fabricated micro-patterns via TPA-induced polymerization under low laser power and short exposure time.

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