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Effects of Biased Noise Fluctuations on the Output of a Degenerate Parametric Down Conversion
Sintayehu Tesfa

Analysis of the effects of biased noise fluctuations on the squeezing as well as the statistical properties of the output radiation of a degenerate parametric oscillator coupled to a squeezed vacuum reservoir is presented. It is found that the degree of squeezing of the output radiation is less than the corresponding cavity radiation, despite the biased noise fluctuations in the reservoir modes. However, for the output radiation the correlation of the quadrature operators evaluated at different times also exhibits squeezing, which is the reason for quenching of the overall noise in one of the quadrature components of the squeezing spectrum even when the oscillator is coupled to a vacuum reservoir. Moreover, coupling the oscillator to the squeezed vacuum reservoir enhances the squeezing exponentially, since the biased noise fluctuations allocate the noise disproportionately, and it also increases the mean photon number.

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