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Recent Developments in Flexible Solar
Cells A. Celik, A. Demir and Y. Bozkurt

Solar energy is the limitless and cleanest source of energy with many possible usage places. In recent years, the studies about the devices and materials which use the solar energy have accelerated due to the exhaustion of other sources of energy such as fossil fuels and due to the pollution they caused. The researchers intend to increase the efficiency of the existing conversion devices and systems to expand the uses in different areas. On the other hand, photovoltaic devices which convert solar rays into electrical form of energy are not yet maturely developed in desired efficiency and hence widespread used. The existing photovoltaic devices are generally based on inflexible and flat structures. In addition to this, they require enormous space which seriously limits their use for a meaningful energy collection. Today, researchers are looking for new techniques to get flexible and more efficient solar cells that will enable the widespread daily uses and also many kinds of industrial uses with these advanced material properties. At this point, the organic solar cells built from thin films of a kind of light absorbing material are light, flexible, and less expensive, changing the sun energy into electricity without polluting the environment. This paper summarizes the recent developments in flexible organic solar cells including the advanced properties and possible new uses in textiles.

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