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Contribution of FP 6 Tok-Nanotec-Est Project to Enhance European Mobility and Researcher Career: Opportunities Offered by New FP 7 Programme
Aurelia Meghea

The on-going “Intensive program for Transfer of Knowledge toward Eastern European Reference Pole for Micro and Nanotechologies” is now in action. The project is coordinated by University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest–Romania and it is performed between 2005–2008, in collaboration with nine European partners from academia and industry. The transfer of knowledge activities are focused on new trends required by European integration of Romania in the field of nanosciences and nanotechnologies.

As referring to the areas of research and industrial valorization that will be open to researchers, the transfer of knowledge action intends to focus its main activities to some directions that could valorize the existing experience and national traditions, as well as the new trends as follow: new nanostructured materials and systems, new intelligent miniaturized systems, biophotonics and lasers.

Therefore, this training program provides necessary expertise for European young scientists to develop their researcher career and to face present and future challenges in the Europe of knowledge.

This volume is devoted to dissemination of this project at the middle stage of running activity and contains the papers presented by the researchers in stage in collaboration with the staff of the host institution at the Workshop organized on this topics held in Kracow, Poland, between 8–12 July 2007, within the 9th edition of the International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials.

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