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Monte Carlo Modeling of Chosen Non–Linear Optical Effects for Systems of Guest Molecules in Polymeric and Liquid–Crystal Matrices
Grzegorz Pawlik, Antoni C. Mitus, Ileana Rau and Francois Kajzar

Static and kinetic Monte Carlo (MC) simulations offer an unique possibility to analyze “macroscopic” as well as “microscopic” physical properties of various model host–guest systems, where the host is either a polymer matrix or nematic liquid crystal (NLC), and guest molecules correspond to chromophores, dipoles or coated nanospheres. In this paper we review main results of recent Monte Carlo model studies of chosen non–linear optical effects related to Surface Relief Grating (SRG) kinetics, poling, DNA based diffraction gratings and nanosphere dispersed liquid crystal (NDLC) based metamaterials.

Keywords: Host–guest system, poling, nonlinear susceptibility, surface relief grating, diffraction grating, DNA, nematic liquid crystal, metamaterials, Monte Carlo.

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