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Volumetric Fluorescent Pattern Formation from Holographic Method
Hyunjin Oh, Jeonghun Kim and Eunkyoung Kim

Photopolymer films were prepared for fluorescent patterning by holography method. The photopolymer consists of photocurable monomer, photoinitiator, sensitizer, binder polymer, and fluorescent molecules. The fluorescent photopolymer film was recorded using a visible light laser through a holographic recording system to give fluorescent holographic pattern with high diffraction efficiency.As the monomer molecules were polymerized under the interference light through a photomask by holographic set up, fluorophores experience chemical unbalance and surrounding viscosity change between the mask pattern and constructive and destructive regions of the illuminated region of the mask. As a result a stable and volumetric fluorescent pattern with micro grating was formed in surface and through the depth (z-direction).

Keywords: Photopolymer, holographic patterning, fluorescence, volumetric patterning.

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