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Derivates of Aniline with Potential Application in Nonlinear Optics: I. Synthesis and Characterization
Ana-Maria Albu, Adriana Florica Nicolescu, Valentin Victor Jerca, Doriana Nicoleta Stanciu and Dumitru Mircea Vuluga

In the presence of maleic anhydride-dicyclopentadiene copolymers (MADCPD) as a sterical agent, polyaniline (PANI) composites doped with p-toluene sulphonic acid (p-TSA) were successfully synthesized by using kalium persulfate (PSK) as initiator and oxidizing agent.

The effect of experimental conditions on the polymer yields was systematically studied. It was found that the polymer yield can be as high as 65% , and this value strongly depends on synthesis conditions, such as the reaction time, the molar ratio of oxidizing agent to aniline monomer, the concentration of reactants and reaction temperature.

We propose a optimization procedure of the composites composition. The molecular structure of the resulting polyaniline composites was characterized by Fourier transform-infrared (FT-IR) spectra, SEM and TEM. Consequently, the thermal resistance and microstructure of materials were also discussed. The conductivity measurements are in progress.

Keywords: Polyaniline, synthesis; initiators chemical oxidative polymerization of aniline, intrinsically conducting polymers; conducting polymers.

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