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Medical Devices Design in Cardiovascular Applications: Current and Future Trends at Cluj Napoca Technical University
Dan V. Rafiroiu and Radu V. Ciupa

The paper presents one of the most recent results obtained by the biomedical engineering team from Cluj Napoca Technical University, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, UK, in regard to medical devices design for cardiovascular applications. Amulti-physics and multi-scale modelling approach on the closure dynamics of a bileaflet prosthetic heart valve is presented. The paper also presents a recent collaborative initiative, of any of the most representative European institutions involved in the development of new medical devices for cardiovascular applications, to set up a Marie Currie Initial Training Network (ITN) focused on Cardiovascular Engineering of Medical Devices. The Technical University of Cluj Napoca has been invited to participate to this MC ITN, as a network participant, with two individual research projects related to valves design and assessment.

Keywords: Cardiovascular devices, mechanical heart valves, modelling and simulation, fluid-structure interaction, multi-physics and multiscale modelling, cavitation, Haemolysis, training program.

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