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Telemedicine — Medical Teleconferencing System
O. Gohar, G. M. Ungureanu and R. Strungaru

The main goal of the current study is to analyze the acceptance rate of telemedicine in both countries and the difficulties that pose an obstacle to further development of telemedicine in and between both countries and the importance of implementing TMTS system in both countries. Furthermore, we design a telemedicine medical teleconferencing system (TMTS); it integrates a telemedicine system and a patient database to provide a “virtual workspace” for participating physicians. The facilities included in the both systems are: high-speed line connections for online consultation and distance learning; On-the-job training and education; Internet connections for file transfer and off-line data acquisition and satellite. Initially, the network supports remote consultations in radiology and pathology as well as distance training and education. Finally we discuss the challenges facing the telemedicine and we introduce suggestions to overcome the difficulties faced by this great technology.

Keywords: Telemedicine, signal processing, security, medical databases, diagnosis, distance learning.

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