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A Novel Approach in Mammogram Segmentation
Alina Oprea, Mihaela Ungureanu, Sever Pascaand Rodica Strungaru

Detection and characterization of cancer tumors in mammograms is vital in daily clinical practice. The problem of detecting possible cancer areas is very complex due, on one hand, to the diversity in shape of the ill tissue and on the other hand to the poorly defined border between the healthy and the cancerous zone. Even though it has been studied for many years, there are still remaining challenges and directions for future research such as developing better enhancement and segmentation algorithms. An early diagnosis is crucial for the treatment to be successful; therefore researchers from all over the world are focusing their efforts on this direction. In this paper we propose a new technique combined with some preprocessing algorithms to detect suspicious regions in digital mammograms.

Keywords: Cancer tumors, mamograms, Self Organizing Map, preprocessing algorithms, annotation application.

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