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An Efficient Configuration for Significant Enhancement of Energy of 266 nm
Shruti Dutta Roy and Sudipta Gangopadhyay

Considerable enhancement in the energy of 266 nm by employing the new technique of walk-off compensated multipass configuration without any change either in the beam parameters or in the intensity of the input fundamental laser radiations. More than 5.5 times enhancement of conversion efficiency is obtained in twin lithium tetraborate crystals by employing the scheme to the conventional single crystal arrangement, even though the effective nonlinearity of the crystal is very low. Apart from crystals that have large walk-off angles, low effective nonlinear coefficients, or both, the simple experimental setup would also be quite suitable for those crystals, especially infrared crystals that have large effective nonlinear coefficients but low laser damage thresholds.

Keywords: Nonlinear optics, fourth harmonic generation, walk-off angle, conversion efficiency, ultraviolet generation.

PACS Nos: 42.65.Ky, 42.79.Nv

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