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Multiphoton Optical Properties of Semiconductor Core-Shell Quantum Dots for Photonic Applications
I. Fortunati, R. Signorini, R. Bozio, J. J. Jasieniak, A. Martucci, A. Antonello, G. Della Giustina, G. Brusatin, M. Guglielmi, V. Bello and G. Mattei

In this work, we explore the potential of CdSe based quantum dots (QDs) as materials for non-linear optical applications. The characterization of core and core-shell type QDs in the non-linear optical regime is conducted both in solution and within hybrid sol-gel matrices. Such hybrid QD/solgel matrices are found to retain the optical properties of the QDs while allowing for improved QD processability and stability. The exploitation of these properties is demonstrated in two QD/sol-gel based optical device prototypes: (i) the optical limiter and (ii) the up-converted laser.

Keywords: Quantum dots, NonLinear absorption, Two-photon absorption, Optical power Limiting, Up-converted Lasing, sol-gel.

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