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Two-Photon Induced Photochemistry for 3D Microstructuration
Patrice L. Baldeck, Olivier Stephan and Chantal Andraud

This review reports recent advances in two-photon induced photochemistry to fabricate 3D micro-objects in polymers, proteins and noble metals. Two-photon induced polymerization is becoming a well-developed technology due to the efficiency of new photoinitiators, and important innovations in laser fabrication strategies. All laser writing techniques for bioactive microstructures or metal conducting nanostructures have been initially demonstrated with femtosecond lasers. They are now implemented with low-cost Q-switched microlasers that will speed-up their use in all environments.

Keywords: Two-photon absorption; photopolymerisation; photoreticulation; photoreduction; photoinitiators; proteins; noble metals; femtosecond lasers; Q-switched microlasers.

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