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Correlation Between Photoconductive and Nonlinear Optical Characteristics of Fullerene- and Nanotubes-Doped Organic Composites
Natalia V. Kamanina, Alexander I. Plekhanov, Sergey V. Serov, Viktor P. Savinov, Pavel A. Shalin and Francois Kajzar

The dark and photoconductive characteristics of fullerene- and nanotubedoped organic thin films based on polyimide were studied and are reported here. The increase of the charge carrier mobility was established under conditions of nanoobjects sensitization. The nonlinear refraction and cubic nonlinearity were investigated at wavelength of 532 nm via four-wave mixing technique using Raman-Nath diffraction regime. The thin holographic grating was written at the spatial frequencies placed in the range of 90–150mm−1. The correlation between photoconductive and nonlinear optical parameters was revealed. In addition, the nonlinear parameters of the pure fullerene films were studied via four-wave mixing technique and Z-scan method in the nano- and picosecond regimes. The research permits to find new way both in gas storage and solar energy area of applications as well as in nonlinear optical field and search of 3D-media.

Keywords: Fullerenes, nanotubes, photoconductive properties, charge carrier mobility, nonlinear optical parameters, nonlinear refraction, cubic nonlinearity, laser-matter interaction, diffraction grating.

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