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All-Polymer Distributed Feedback and Distributed Bragg-Reflector Lasers Produced by Roll-To-Roll
Juefei Zhou, Kenneth D. Singer, Joseph Lott, Hyunmin Song, Yeheng Wu, James Andrews, Eric Baer, Anne Hiltner and Christoph Weder

A continuous melt-process has been used to prepare multi-layered polymeric films forming one-dimensional photonic crystals for which the band gap shape and position can be easily tuned to the desired design. In combination with organic fluorescent dyes, dye-doped photonic crystal distributed feedback lasers, as well as distributed Bragg lasers formed by sandwiching a dye-doped active layer between two photonic crystal films, have been fabricated. These lasers have demonstrated low threshold and high efficiency. This fabrication method is amenable to roll-to-roll mass production at low cost and can be easily tailored to produce other multilayer-based polymeric optical and optoelectronic devices.

Keywords: Distributed feedback lasers, distributed Bragg reflectors, one dimensional photonic crystals, roll-to-roll layer-multiplying co-extrusion.

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