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Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Ytterbium doped Sesquioxides at Low Temperature
V. Cardinali, E. Marmois, B. Le Garrec and G. Bourdet

In this paper, we investigate laser performances of ytterbium doped Y2O3 ceramics at room and at cryogenic temperatures. We show that at low temperature, laser performances are improved by leading experimental comparative studies of the laser performance of Yb:Y2O3: at room temperature, we have found 230 mJ, corresponding to a slope efficiency less than 20%, while at 77 K, we have obtained 570 mJ, corresponding to a slope efficiency of nearly 40%, in free running regime at 1 Hz with a 10 at. % doped Yb:Y2O3 ceramic. Room temperature measurements, using both “Flash Laser” and “Hot Disk” methods, lead to thermal conductivity values of ytterbium doped Y2O3 ceramics of 6.26 W/m.K and 5.27 W/m.K respectively.

Keywords: Ytterbium, sesquioxides, ceramics, oscillator laser performances, thermal conductivity, cryogenic temperature.

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