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Dynamics of Entanglement in a Two-Mode Nonlinear Jaynes-Cummings Model
A.B.M. Ahmed and S. Sivakumar

Dynamics of entanglement due to intensity-dependent interaction between a two-level atom and a single-mode electromagnetic field in a Kerr medium is studied. The form of the interaction is such that the Hamiltonian evolution is exactly solvable. The Hamiltonian is shown to be a deformed Jaynes-Cummings model admitting a closed, symmetric algebra. Dynamics of population inversion and atom-field entanglement are studied taking the initial state of the field to be either a coherent state or a squeezed vacuum. Analysis is extended to the case of a two-mode cavity field interacting with a two-level atom. For the two-mode case, the initial field is a pair coherent state or a two-mode squeezed vacuum. Effects due to nonlinearity, intensity-dependent interaction and detuning on the dynamics are discussed and compared with those of the single-mode case.

Keywords: Nonlinear Jaynes-Cummings model, interpolating algebra, population inversion, Kerr interaction, entanglement, tangle.

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