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Studies on the Effect of Ni2+ on Growth, Structural Morphology and Dielectric Properties of L-Valinium Picrate
K. Russel Raj and P. Murugakoothan

The effect of nickel doping on the growth process, morphology and nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of L-Valinium Picrate (LVP) single crystals grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique has been investigated. It has been observed that the addition of Ni2+ (Nickel) in different molar concentration improves the morphology and growth rate along all the crystallographic axes of LVP considerably. The grown crystals are subjected to single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction studies to identify the morphology and structure. Slight changes in the unit cell parameters of LVP after doping with Ni2+ in different molar concentration have been detected. The actual dopant concentration incorporated in the crystalline matrix is estimated by inductively coupled plasma emission (ICP) techniques. The NLO behavior of pure LVP and Ni2+: LVP crystals are tested by Kurtz–Perry technique.

Keywords: A1. Doping; A1. Solutions; A2. Growth from solutions; B2. Nonlinear optic Materials.

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