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Band Gap Engineering and Tuning the Dielectric Properties of Guanidinium Single Crystal by Aromatic Acids for Nonlinear Applications
T. Arumanayagam and P. Murugakoothan

Crystals with high optical band gap and low dielectric constant have attracted much interested in the field of nonlinear optical applications. New and efficient organic nonlinear optical crystals of guanidinium compound have been synthesized and grown by solvent evaporation technique. The grown crystals were subjected to X-ray diffraction studies for structural confirmation. The UV-Vis-NIR transmittance spectra were recorded, and from these transmittance data the optical band gap and optical conductance were calculated. By parallel plate technique, dielectric constant and ac conductivity were studied. It is well observed from these optical and dielectric studies that the band gap and dielectric properties can be tuned by the replacement of the functional group in the compounds.

Keywords: Nonlinear optical materials, Photonic band gap, Dielectric Properties, Optoelectronic device

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