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BiOLED with DNA/Conducting Polymer Complex as Active Layer
Norihisa Kobayashi

BiOLED can be defined as an organic light emitting diode with biomaterials. We particularly focused on DNA as an OLED material because it has well-defined helical structure, stacked base pairs and ability to interact many functional materials such as electron and hole transporting dyes and conducting polymers without losing ordered structure. We have already prepared DNA/functional molecules complex to utilize as light emitting active layer. Particularly, DNA/Polyaniline (PAn) complex shows pretty interesting properties as OLED active layer. In this paper, preparation, structure and photoelectroproperties of DNA/PAn complex were considered first. Further, OLED, so-called BiOLED, was fabricated with DNA/PAn complex as active layer. BiOLED worked well and its mechanism was also considered.

Keywords: DNA, Polyaniline, Photopolymerization, Polymer complex, Helical structure, OLED.

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