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Foreword by the Editors: Biography of Joseph Zyss
Isabelle Ledoux and Francois Kajzar

This issue gathers a selection of the papers which were presented at the international conference AMARIS’10 held at Ecole Normale Superieure, Cachan (France), May 24–28, 2010. While aiming at providing a general international viewpoint on the advancement of molecular nonlinear optics by and large, as well as discuss its current and foreseeable status, the organizers seized the opportunity of the 60th anniversary of Joseph Zyss on that same year to pay tribute to one of the founders of molecular nonlinear optics. The conference was thus largely attended by his friends, colleagues, collaborators and more generally, by researchers who had somehow got acquainted with him or with his work throughout 36 years of research and educational activity in the field.

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