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High Transmission Performance of Radio Over Fiber Systems over Traditional Optical Fiber Communication Systems Using Different Coding Formats for Long Haul Applications
Abd El–Naser A. Mohamed, Mohamed M. E. El-Halawany, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed and Mohamed S. F. Tabbour

In the present paper, Radio over fiber (ROF) transport systems have the potential to offer large transmission capacity, significant mobility and flexibility, as well as economic advantage due to its broad bandwidth and low attenuation characteristics. We have investigated parametrically and numerically the high performance of Radio over fiber communication systems over traditional optical communication systems using different coding formats over wide range of the affecting operating parameters. Moreover we have analyzed the transmission bit rates and products per channel based standard single mode fiber made of both silica-doped and plastic materials with using modified Shannon technique in addition to use different coding formats such as Return to Zero (RZ) code, and Non Return to Zero (NRZ) code for ultra long haul transmission applications. We have taken into account the bit error rate (BER) for ROF systems with comparing it with traditional optical fiber communication systems as a proof for improvement of signal to noise ratio.

Keywords: Radio over fiber systems, BER, RZ coding, NRZ coding, signal to noise ratio, modified shannon technique.

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