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Entanglements of Two and Three Coupled Two-Level Systems in a Cavity QED Setup Including Inter Atomic Interactions
Jonathan Jones and Amitabh Joshi

Generic models of two and three coupled two-level system (TLS) entangled through their interaction with a single mode field sustained in an ideal cavity, including other interactions among TLS, exhibit violation of Bell’s and Mermin’s inequality periodically in the interaction time of the TLS with the field mode. The effect of the initial states of TLS on the violation of these inequalities are discussed. The entanglement measure in terms of concurrence for these systems is also calculated which matches very well with the violation of Bell’s inequality results. These systems can be employed for quantum logic gate implementations useful in quantum computing.

Keywords: entanglement, quantum logic gates.

PACS numbers(s): 73.21.La, 03.67.Mn, 42.55.Sa

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