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Approaches Considering a Better Incorporation of Multilayered Silicate into a Polymeric Matrix Designed for Bio–Nano–Materials Obtaining
Doina Dimonie, Constantin Radovici, Simona Pop, Radu Socoteanu, Celina Petre, Radu Fierascu, Irina Fierascu, Roxana Zgarian, Petrache Marius and Ramona Coserea

The paper presents certain aspects related to the increase of the exfoliation of multilayer silicates that were used in obtaining, by melt processing techniques, some bio – nano – hybrid based on starch. In order to increase the silicate exfoliation, the approach focused on a procedure that can be applied before the silicate incorporation into the polymeric matrix. A thermo-mechanical treatment was selected according to which the silicate is stirred at temperature with a selected plasticizer usually used in starch formulation. The obtained results led to the conclusion that the NaMMT delamination by stirring with water, at temperature, different times, before incorporation into polymeric matrix, is a good method to obtain intercalated exfoliated nano-composites based on starch.

Keywords: Starch, bio-hybrids, multilayered silicate, pre-treatment, melt processing

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