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New Type of Photo-Voltaic Cell
Constantin Oprean, Ion Marginean, Corina Bokor, Claudiu Isarie, Rodica Ciudin and Sorin Itu

Authors studied a cell in which the ions are passing through a permeable membrane into a transparent reconversion chamber. In dark conditions the combined suspension of silver and gaseous chlorine results in moving electrons, produced at the cathode by dissociation of silver chloride. They are transported by gravitation at the reconversion window where they are separated from each of the two electrodes and the cycle is repeated with electron liberation. One important advantage is that the system utilises the solar light, and the process is equivalent to the water molecules separation into hydrogen and oxygen. Another advantage is the absorption of solar energy. The transparent window may be quite large, and the cells can be electrically connected.

Keywords: photovoltaic cell, solar energy conversion, photovoltaic reverse cell combustion cell.

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