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Guest Editor Foreword
Ileana Rau

This special issue contains some of the papers presented at 2nd International Workshop on Advanced, Nano- and Biomaterials and their Device Applications (NABM`2), organized jointly with the 2nd French Romanian Topical Meeting on Nano and Biomaterials, held 15 – 19 September 2010 in Sibiu, Romania. The workshop was a sequel of the very successful meeting organized in Brasov, Romania, 17 – 21 September 2008. Similarly as the Brasov workshop that in Sibiu was also attended by leading international scientists from around the world who presented and discussed different aspects of research on biopolymers and nanomaterials and their practical applications. A poster session was also organized. The intimate location: all participants lodged in the same hotel in the beautiful medieval city, chosen as capital of European culture in 2007 gave a lot of opportunities for contacts, discussions and exchange of ideas between participants. In common opinion it was a very successful meeting and the next one will be held in another attractive location in Romania in 2012.

The success of this meeting was due not only to the high quality of the scientific presentations but also to the sponsorship it benefited from. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the financial support coming from the following organizations: French Embassy in Romania, Office of Naval Research Global, Analytik Jena, Romania, ABLE Jasco, Romania.

Special thanks I would like to address to Prof. Aurelia Meghea, Dr. Chantal Andraud, Prof. Francois Kajzar and Dr. Gerard Bidan who supported and encouraged me to initiate and to realize this scientific meeting.

I would like to thank also Research Centre for Environmental Protection and Eco-Friendly Technologies, particularly to my colleague, Alina POPA, for help in the organization of this workshop. I would also thank warmly the speakers who contributed to these proceedings. Special thanks are due to my family for supporting me in this task and for help with logistics.

Guest Editor
Dr. Sc. Ileana Rau
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, January, 2012

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