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Surface Plasmon-Polariton Modes In Kerr-Type Superlattice
J. Rahpyma, S. Baher and H. Hekmatara

We study theoretically the s-polarized surface nonlinear plasmon-polariton (SPP) modes in a two-component superlattice that both Medias are metal or doped semiconductor (such as InSb) with a real, isotropic, frequency-dependent dielectric function, characteristic of an electron plasma and Kerr-type nonlinearity. The resulting analytic and numerical solutions are applied to SPP modes of nonlinear/nonlinear (NL/NL) superlattice unite cell. The propagation of the SPP modes has investigated for a nonlinear/linear (NL/L) superlattice unite cell before that only the linear layer was frequency-dependent [S. Baher, A. Baharvand, Solid State Commun. 393 (2007) 179]. The application of boundary conditions at the interfaces gives rise to dispersion relations. We find that presence of nonlinearities lead to multiple branches in dispersion relation. The parameters that modify the modes correspond to the in-plane wave vector, the thickness of the layers, the plasmon frequency and the nonlinearity of layers.

Keywords: plasmon-polariton, Kerr-type nonlinearity, semiconductor superlattice, Nonlinear/Nonlinear unite cell

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