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On the Gap Soliton Like Structure Due to the Mutual Influence of Trapping Potential and External Field
Preeti Agarwal, K. Roy Chowdhury and A. Roy Chowdhury

We have analysed the mutual influence of the trapping potential due to an impurity and an external electric field on the propagation characteristics of an optical soliton. An important outcome of this is the existence of a gap-like structure on the soliton profile. The scope of this mutual effect is observed to be quite wide and situations are seen to arise when the output pulse intensity becomes larger than the input one. The equations for the pulse parameters are deduced via the Projection Operator Technique. The structure of the trapping potential, cut-off radius and the strength of the external field can be used to attain an optimum situation.

Keywords: gap soliton, external field, trapping potential, projection operator method.

PACS numbers :: 42.25Lc, 42.55, 42.60, 42.65Sf,42.50Md.

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