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Applications of Low Molecular Liquid Crystalline Derivatives of Azobenzene
Jaroslaw Mysliwiec, Maciej Czajkowski, Stanislaw Bartkiewicz, Krystian Zygadlo, Zbigniew Galewski, and Bouchta Sahraoui

We present results of fast switching of birefringence changes and diffraction grating recording in a photochromic liquid crystalline molecules, showing liquid-crystalline nematic state close to the room temperature. Dynamic birefringence switching is done in Optical Kerr Effect setup and holographic recording of phase-type gratings is performed in a Degenerate Two Waves Mixing setup. For the induction of refractive index changes in the material in both setups the pulsed lasers are used. We study the dynamics of birefringence changes of the material after excitation, occurring in the range of micro- and milliseconds..

Keywords: photochromism, all-optical switch, liquid crystals, holography

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