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Recent Progress of Acousto-optic Modulator Devices for Ultra Wide Bandwidth and High Switching Modulation Efficiency
Ahmed Nabih and Zaki Rashed

This paper has been investigated the best candidate selected acousto optic materials based AOM for upgrading speed response and transmission performance characteristics. These materials are common materials for acousto-optic devices such as silica glass (SiO2), tellurium dioxide (TeO2), gallium phosphide (GaP), and gallium arsenide (GaAs). As well as we have deeply investigated the important transmission characteristics of acousto-optic modulators such as transmission performance efficiency, transmission bit rate, diffraction angle and efficiency, transient speed response, signal transmission quality, bit error rate (BER) and modulation bandwidth under wide range of the affecting parameters for different selected acousto optic materials to be the major of interest.

Keywords: Modulation efficiency, Modulation contrast ratio, Wide bandwidth, Low rise times and High speed response.

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