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Fractional Photon Energy From Two Electrons Colliding as Quantum Anharmonic Oscillators
M.A. Grado-Caffaro and M. Grado-Caffaro

We show that a proper fraction of the photon energy comes from the collision between two electrons behaving as one-dimensional quantum anharmonic oscillators under a Morse potential. The above collision is inelastic giving rise to that loss in kinetic energy becomes radiative energy equal to a proper fraction of the energy of a single photon. In fact, the radiative energy is found to be around the one-photon energy divided by the finite number of bound states of a single electron as a Morse oscillator when the above number is much larger than unity. Furthermore, the aforementioned fraction of energy is determined as a function of the photon velocity by regarding photons as ultra-relativistic quantum particles with non-zero rest-mass.

Keywords: Photon emission; Colliding electrons; Anharmonic oscillators; Morse potential; Radiative energy; Photon velocity

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