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Photorefractive, Photoconductive, Dynamic Features and Interfaces of the Optical Materials Modified with Nanoobjects
Natalia V. Kamanina, Pavel V. Kuzhakov, Svetlana V. Likhomanova, Chantal Andraud, Ileana Rau and Francois Kajzar

Influence of the sensitization with nanoobjects on photorefractive, photoconductive and dynamic properties of organic optical materials was studied. Studies were done on solid materials (thin films) and the nanoobjects like fullerenes, nanotubes, quantum dots, shungites, graphenes and nanofibers were deposited by laser ablation. The observed improvements and changes of these properties are reported and discussed. It was also found that nanoobjects modify the spectral and mechanical properties of the inorganic optical materials.

Keywords: nanoobjects, refraction, laser-matter interaction, surface, fullerenes, nanotubes, orienting coatings

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