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Sideband Control of Optical Bistability in Tunnel-Coupled Double Quantum Wells
M.E. El Demery and S.M.A. Maize

We analyze the optical bistability (OB) behaviour based on intersubband transitions in an asymmetric coupled-quantum wells (CQW) driven coherently by a probe laser field and a trichromatic control laser field by means of a unidirectional ring cavity. We used the same system described in [J. Li, Opt. Commun. 274 (2007) 366.] with the main difference of using a trichromatic control laser field rather than a monochromatic one. We investigated the influence of the electronic cooperation parameter, the frequency difference between the central component and the sidebands of the control field and the energy splitting between two tunnel-coupled electronic levels on the OB behaviour in the existence of the sidebands of the control field. Furthermore, the effect of the intensities of the components of the control field on the OB and hysteresis loop is also studied.

Keywords: Optical bistability, coherent control, polychromatic field, double quantum wells.

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