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Inhomogeneous and Transverse Effects on Critical Slowing Down with Bistable Higher Harmonics
S.S. Hassan, Y.A. Sharaby, M.F.M. Ali and F.N.M. Al-Showaikh

Effects of inhomogeneous Lorentzian atomic broadening and transverse Gaussian field features on the switching response in an optical bistable model of two-level atoms in a ring cavity is investigated separately, outside the rotating wave approximation (RWA). Our investigation shows that: (i) switching time response (due to perturbed incident field) at the critical points of the bistable curves is increased (decreased) with larger values of the Lorentzian width (transverse field) parameter, (ii) irregular oscillations associated with the additional first harmonic output field are less (more) pronounced in the dispersive case with larger values of the Lorentzian width (transverse field) parameter.

Keywords: Optical bistability, critical slowing down, rotating wave approximation, switching time, transverse field, Lorentzian linewidth

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