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A Special Investigation in Quantum Electron Optics: Determination of the Electron Velocity in a Semirelativistic Metallic Nanowire
M.A. Grado-Caffaro and M. Grado-Caffaro

For the first time, within the context of Quantum Electron Optics, the quantized Fermi velocity in a semirelativistic metallic nanowire is calculated analytically, under a standing-wave approach, by arriving at a closed mathematical expression. In fact, our nanowire is treated as a semirelativistic quantum electron waveguide so that we emphasize the role played by the de Broglie wavelength associated with the conduction electrons.

Keywords: Semirelativistic metallic nanowire; Fermi velocity; Waveguides; Conduction electrons; de Broglie wavelength.

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