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Bioimaging by Two-Photon Absorbing Chromophores and Nanoparticles
Jin Sun Park, Jin-Kyung Park, Prem Prabhakaran and Kwang-Sup Lee

In this contribution we present an overview of two-photon sensitized bioimaging in the perspective of the materials. This review is primarily meant to be used by a chemist to gain an overview of the scope and challenges of this rapidly growing field of science. We look at the spectrum of two-photon active organic, organic-inorganic hybrid materials that have been studied for this application. Two-photon imaging is being used extensively in the study of cancerous cells. In this context we have also looked at different strategies of material design for targeting cancer cells.

Keywords: Two-photon bioimaging, cellular uptake, nonlinear optical materials, nanoparticle, cancer cells, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, aggregationinduced photoluminescence, confocal microscopy, photodynamic therapy

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