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Structural, Optical and Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Inorganic Materials: Possible Applications in Biomedicine
Natalia V. Kamanina, Alexander A. Kukharchik, Pavel V. Kuzhakov, Yulia A. Zubtsova, Chantal Andraud and Francois Kajzar

Structural, optical and mechanical properties of nanostructured inorganic materials are studied using a monochromatic laser light source. The study shows the advantage of the nanostructuration process to decrease the resistivity of the conducting inorganic structures and to increase the wetting angle of different inorganic materials used in optoelectronic as well as in biomedicine systems in the UV-VIS-IR spectral range.

Keywords: Inorganic materials, nanoobjects, laser irradiation influence on surfaces, coatings, carbon nanotubes, hardness

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