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New Equipment for Modernization of Flue Gases Clearing System
R. R. Usmanova and G. E. Zaikov

Gas-cleaning installations of a various principle of act are observed: rotational, impact-sluggish and centrifugal. Experiment by definition efficiency of clearing of gas emissions is executed. The characteristic for optimisation of hydrodynamic conditions of its work is given each aspect of scrubbers. It will allow designers of the equipment to make sampling of the necessary build. The modified row of apparatuses for wet clearing of gas emissions is devised. Designs on modernisation of system of clearing of smoke fumes of refire kilns are devised. Builds of apparatuses confirm Patent for an invention.

Keywords: Smoke fumes, Dynamic Separator, The Industry, The Baking Oven, The Plant Flow Diagram, Bubbling-Swirling Apparatus, Rotoklon, Water Recycling.

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