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Conductivity of Conducting Polymer Composites
Jimsher N. Aneli, Gennady E. Zaikov, Omar V. Mukbaniani, Roman Jozwik and Alexander A. Berlin

The role of the structural peculiarities of electrical conducting polymer composites (ECPC) has been considered. Different conception on the nature of the conductivity, the mechanisms of charge transfer in heterogeneous structures are presented in this review. Experimental results obtained by different scientists are only partially in concordance with existing theoretical models. It is suggested that missing of various physical and chemical factors influencing the processes of electrical current formation in polymer composites is one of the main reasons of the mentioned divergence between theory and experimental results among which the rate of the values of inter- and intra-phase interactions in composites may be considered as a very important factor. The peculiarities of dependence of the conductivity of systems with binary conducting fillers are considered in this work as well.

Keywords: polymer composite, structure, electro-conductivity, filler content, electrical conducting polymers, interphase interactions.

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